Wednesday, January 10, 2007


MERMAID IN A MANHOLE (Oklahoma, USA) yet another project of Embryo along with various collaberators like Kyle Prescott (DYSMENORRHEIC HEMORRHAGE, F.F.F.F.F.) and Lee Davis (GROSS, PUS VOMIT ZINE). The recordings seem to vary by whoever is working in the band at the time. Known releases/taken from the KINETIC SLEEZE website:

Sweat of a prick split tape with Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Parasites in your womb split tape with Man Behind The Sun
Dark Chocolate Fudge demo
Stagnant Fishy Odor (extended re-play) for Body Clock comp
Disillusionment Phase (Reality Impaired II comp CD) –
Severed head in the toilet bowl split with Ham Sandwich & The Donald Flashback Machine Rape Fantasy – 4-way split tape with Analscope Rectal Speculum/Effluvium/Kevin Evanachko
Tribute to Teratism In The Formalintank (Squid Sperm comp)

Vitally Preserving Excrement 9/27/00
Sulfuric Rainbow pts 1-3 (Yellow Teeth Are A Sign Of Demonic Possession comp tape)
Post-Mortem Abortion Procedure - split tape with The Earwigs – inspired by Morgue Fetus & Black Mayonnaise, slow & sludge
Analinguistics - 3way split cdr with Fuck The Facts & No Refund
Cosmetic Waste Re-cycling - split tape with Carnal Coitus
Spiritual Advice from mold & spores
Split tape w/ Razor Blade Jock Strap – collects prev. unreleased + odds & ends stuff
Inanimate Recital of Kitchen Knives - split tape with Winters in Osaka
Romantic Dining Music split cdr with Dried Semen
No Thanks, I’d Rather Jack Off 3-way split tape with Akaknue & Filthy Turd
Split tape w/ Kraftvaerk 8000 – harsh static noise, sampling, cut-ups
3 trax for Violent Detonations Vol. 1 – blasting drum machine ditties
Mermaggot birthing tube tape – short collection tape
They’ve Entered My Brain cdr - re-release of K-8000 split tracks for an all-noise label (limited to like 20 or so)
Noxious vomit of partially digested fish tape – minimal noise & one-off drunken tomfoolery, last recording

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