Wednesday, January 10, 2007


GYNOPHAGIA (Oklahoma, USA) Cyber-techno-synth-gore project from the mysterious "Embryo". Embryo also runs KINETIC SLEEZE a cassette/cdr label/distro as well as performing in MERMAID IN A MANHOLE, SEWERCUNT. GYNOPHAGIA (or the need to eat women) was one of the early techno-synth-goregrind bands along with S.M.E.S. and FLATTENED FECULENT FEMALE FORMALDEHYDE FETUS. Known Releases taken from the KINETIC SLEEZE Website:

Gash Gobblers cassette
Split tape with SMES
Split tape with Dysmenorrheic Hemorrhage
Pussy Organ cd-r
100% Cyber Cheese Beat - 4-way split cd-r with Erotonomicon/Flog/Venereal Sarcoma
Love Songs that Taste Like Chicken cd-r (Ultra-limited version on a now defunct label)
4-way split cd-r/tape with Anus Tumor/Exploited Asian Teens/Bloody Rektum

Love Songs… cd (definitive pro re-release + bonus unr. tracks – still in production)

Yellow Teeth Are A Sign of Demonic Possession tape ("Masturbatorium" - real early tune)
Serial Murder Comp ("Bela Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me" - unsure of the actual title to this comp but doesn't really matter as it never came out)
Infecting the World with Gangrene Pus tape ("Carved-Out Cunt" - same version appears on Pussy Organ)Ultimate Onslaught 2 cd-r ("Masturbation in the Morgue-let the dead be naked" - an old never-before released tune resurrected for this special appearance. borrowed Purulent Spermcanal's "Masturbation in the Mortuary" lyrics. mega-sleeper potential.)
Cyber Grind Comp cd-r ("Synthetic Vagina Splicer" )
Drum Machine # 2 cd-r ("I Was a Teenage Zombie") - homage to the film of the same name. vocals half-imitate Stevo of Impetigo fame. Long live true Death Metal.
Harelip Campin’ Trip cd-r (“Diaper Rash Disco” )

Other Stuff-3 tracks for 6-Way split tape (My Lai Productions)
3 tracks for "My Pussy For Sale" 5-way split tape (Fekal Muzik)

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