Wednesday, January 10, 2007


ANAL PENETRATION (Netherlands) cyber-goregrind project created by "Nydoom" (aka: Roel Nijdam/drum programming, guitars, vocals). Nydoom is also active in HEADCRASH, THE BITCH IN THE VAN, LSD MOSSEL. For more information check his website: CLICK HERE. Known Releases and Related projects:

2000 split CD-r with Blown to Bits (out of print)
2001 Conquering the rectum CD-r (out of print)
2001 3 way split CD-r with Mad Wankers & Kill2Chill (out of print)
2002 5 way split CD-r with Count Chopula, Dwarfophile, Necrobestiality, Spamicidal (oop)
2004 split CD with Anal Whore (Last house on the right records)
2004 split CD-r with Faeces Eruption (out of print)
2004 split CD-r with Hogtied (still available)
2005 split CD rerelease with Faeces Eruption (LHOTR)
2005 ...lost shits CD-r with songs from release 1-4 (still available)
2005 9 way split CD Uncontrolled Laxative Abuse (LHOTR)
2005 5 way split CD with MDK, M.A.C., Obese, Uterus (Vomit noise/fart out the cum)
2005 compilation CD-r Sperm in your anus, unreleased songs 2002 (Rotting bowels prod.)
2006 split CD with Tumour (LHOTR)
2007 "Spray for Jesus" full CD (LHOTR)
2007 Anal Penetration / ?? split CD (Urethra records)

Headcrash (drumprogramming, guitars)
with Luc: Vocals,
Martin: session vocals,
Analex: session guitars
2001 Anusbash CD-r (still avalable)
2002 split 10" LP with Lymphatic Phlegm (Bloodshedrecords)
2003 Hangoverdrive CD-r (still avalable)
2005 split CD-r with Permanent Death (still available)
2005 split CD with Hog Caller (Last house on the right records).

LSD Mossel (drums on toykit, flute and vocals)
with Rudy: Guitar, moutharmonics, vocals
2003 Wankercity crustnoise Cd-r
2004 split tape with Mad Wankers (out of print)
2005 Welkom in de speelgoedcarroussel CD-r
2005 Poep op de stoep DVD+R
2005 split CD-r with Totemblastfrequency
2005 split CD-r with Sengaia
2005 collaboration with PERMANENT DEATH (Belgium) CD-r "Permanent Mossel" live in Gent
2006 6 way slit CD-r with Smersh, Sete star sept, Takashi Ohkawa, De Madeliefjes, AK47 Hangover
2006 split tape with Tuto Fuzzi
2006 "Boerenkool met worst" (split live tape with Permanent Death en De Madeliefjes)
2006 split CD-r with Melijerz of Death
2006 split CD-r with Granuloma Inguinale
2006 split CD-r with D.O.D.
2006 split DVD+R with Kakt-us & Tuto Fuzzi.

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