Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Here are some songs about booze. Enjoy them with you're beverage of choice!


BLACK FLAG - Thirsty and Miserable
Classic Hardcore from 1981. Taken from the DAMAGE CD released by SST Records.

BLACK, LEWIS - Corn Liquor Blues
What the hell is this guy saying? Wild Blues fom 1927. Taken from the BOOZE & THE BLUES compilation released by Columbia Records.

BOULDER - Trashed - 2000
Arrrghh. Sloppy drunken Metal from 2000. A nice BLACK SABBATH cover too! Taken from the RIPPING CHRIST CD released by Shifty Records.

BULLDOZER - Whiskey Time - 1985
Italy's answer to VENOM. Classic metal from 1985. Taken from the DAY OF WRATH CD released in a 4 cd boxset/discography by Roadrunner Records.

GANG GREEN - Alcohol
My personal theme song. 80's hardcore from Boston. Taken from the ANOTHER WASTED NIGHT CD released by Taang! Records.

MEMPHIS JUG BAND - Rukus Juice and Chitlin'
Chicago Jug Band music from 1927. Taken from the BOOZE & THE BLUES CD compilation released by Columbia Records.

RUPTURE - Permanent Intoxica - 1992
FAST FAST FAST Australian hardcore from 1992. Taken from the CORRUPTURE CD Originally released on an 8" LP by the band's own Yeah Mate Records. Re-issued on CD by Riotous Assembly Records/USA.

SORE THROAT - Alcoholics Unanimous

SORE THROAT - Bonded By Booze

SORE THROAT - Positive Drinking Attitude
UK Grindcore mayhem. Originally released on the UNHINDERED BY TALENT LP. Re-issued in the early 90's by Weasel Records along with the NEVER MIND THE NAPALM LP and DEATH TO CAPITALIST HARDCORE EP as the AND WE DON'T CARE CD.

SWANS - Blackout - 1983
Pain and Suffering from New York in 1983. Taken from the FILTH CD released by Young God Records.

TANK - Blood Guts and Beer
UK drunkards from 1982. Taken from the FILTH HOUNDS OF HADES CD released by Repertoire Records/Germany.