Thursday, January 11, 2007


CREAMFACE (Finland) One man porngrind band created and performed by Mikko A.. One cassette demo and several cd & cdr releases, all self released on his LOLITA SLAVINDER RECORDS, with images and artwork of extreme pornographic nature, most photos surprisingly showing Mikko A. and his girlfriend performing the obscene acts. Mikko even went so far as to release a full video of his musical and sexual exploits. Known releases:

Demo/Promo cassette 1999 (20-30 copies made)
MAXIMIZED FETISH CDR 1999 (100-200 copies made)
YOUNG & WILLING CDR 2001 (150 copies made)
Split with NEKRO-TORSO CDR 2001 (150 copies made)
THROAT CDR 2002 (120 copies made)
Split with BLACK SYFILIS CDR 2002 (120 copies made)
CREAMFACE VHS video 2002 (20-30 copies made)
TIED DOWN, FUCKED HARD CD 2005 (270 cds pressed)
Split with MISOGYNIST PUSSYSLASHER CD 2005 (300 cds pressed)
AMATEUR FILTH 1999-2000 CD 2006 (200 cds pressed)

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